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A lifetime for a moment:
no doubt that’s what I’d give.
An epoch in this current state,
for a moment meant to live.
For I never thought I’d cry, and lie awake at night; remiss.
I never thought I’d miss a kiss like this.

My hands upon your waist;
your hands upon my neck.
I wish that I were blind,
when I look in retrospect.
I took what was enchanted, granted; squandered that true bliss;
I never thought I’d miss that kiss like this.

Each fingertip a perfect match,
to those on my own hand.
The clasp an indestructive knot;
a never-ending band.
Yet further still this qualm: your palm, your skin, your touch, your wrist.
I never thought I’d miss a kiss like this.

A lesson in true loneliness;
a winnow in true want;
a dream that leaves me wishing;
fulfillment, yet I’m gaunt.
And though it was a dream, it seems beyond such reminisce.
I never thought I’d miss your kiss like this.

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