TxAxZ – Nothing to something

Produced By: Mustak

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Yo we went from nothin to somethin, being real and not fronthin. No one was givin us nothin so we resorted to gunnin, growin up the ladder not bummin, we runnin. Fuck the warrants and summon from the cops. Goin to school for nothin, we just learned lying and hustlin and they tell us keep cumin. Keep Coming? Fuck for what? Gettin back to a system that wrecks and really not runnin. Ohhh.. I'm sorry, it's runnin. What? It's not properly runnin. It's a conspiracy hear me man. It's gotta to be sumthin, I can get gun faster then I can get an English muffin and the Black's church ain't sayin nothin. We are on our own cousin and I just gave up fuckin.

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