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I never thought it would come to this...but I bought a CD at Starbucks today. I feel like such a dirtass.

In other news, got an update from Rémi, he's in Shanghai:


My cock is in fire. You lied to me: I did not have any sexual intercourses at Princeton, the girls were so monstrous!! (I think I am for the West coast, my body is more Californian.)

I have bought three new pairs of shoes since you left. Did you succeed in wearing my shoes? It is extremely astonishing, you fit 45 !! I fit 42,5 ..

Anyway, we have the same penis size..

I have been thinking a lot about you, your hairs, the piano, and your sense of humor. I am sure it is not a matter to be "chauve" . You will be fine. Look at me, It seems I have a kind of spaghetti n ° 1 hairs .

In order to prepare your funeral ceremony, I decided to learn the piano. I have finished the first part of the Mozart Fantasia in C minor so far, I am working really hard!!

Since you are not here for the jogging, I am thinking about Kung fu. But people do not sweat as much as you. I miss that, I mean I miss the smell.

In Shanghai, there is not that much avocado, and because in our friendship there is no excuse, but only love I think you have to come over here very soon!


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