Patrick J. Dimosthenis – Corrupted Graveyard


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Creeping inside the door
Within the unreal nightly world
Passing the depraved demons that shriek "ROAR!"
Visualizing a vivacious portal unfurl

Tyrannic teenagers tripped up to talking
Bringing about a sprightly smile; a walk on fire
Black birds soar sinisterly squawking
Intent or by accident; cracked to conspire?

Dressed from the robes of death; refined
Rash and reckless; lavish and lenient
Melodic monstrous music mash the mournful minded
What to say to soothe the secluded deviant

Mother is less tainted; more with blue
Few arrived; some didn't come through from relentless rain
Invisibly seeing the foul; with several that are true
The jungle was wild; finding peace from being slain

Upon the a-blazed afterlife
Next to a knife; a globe was presented
Looking into it; a crowd to a simple living wife
Bread-sticks broken; it was the deviant they always resented

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