MilkShakespeare – Cup of Despair


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If I dropped to the ground,
without a sound,
would that be alright?
Would it end all the fights?
Would I finally sleep for a night?
And if I lost sight for the world,
would I still see the light?
Would your hearts still
be filled with spite?
Because there's malice
in this palace,
it's a house, not a home
There's a chalice
filled with cyanide
waiting to take away the lone
As I walk toward
this overflowing cup of despair
I wonder about Heaven
and how I hope to be there
Would any of the angels
say no to me there?
You'll never be anybody,
you're so unprepared
You'll never get anywhere,
you're doomed to be scared
And then you'll realize
that barely anyone cared

So clap, there goes the lights
Lost my hat in the air
Ready to kick the bucket
Cause this life is a snare

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