Maboo – Poem For Lorenzita


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As I remove my frock and see myself
Aghast to find that all my hair
Is hanging on from one precarious loch
More and more as days pass

I still can fondly vizualize
A fatter boy with foreheads full
Of unappreciated hair
Standing in Mclellan hall
With two I love

One is Burty's face. The other slightly
Less familiar
For neither she was quite yet loched
Not yet. We depended on Dan for some Weed and Burt for rap
And that was all. Francesca listened
Only to her metal rock
, and as for she -
My as-yet unloched flaxen reverie -
She would listen to what anyone proposed

Oh how I miss those days as I miss her
My hair, and Vanderbilt before
The Hausmannian catastrophe
Of rennovation had erased
Our magic marker doodlings

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