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How will my head scar look -
Tumor free - in the convent reflecting pool?
How will the pool look in general?
How will the scar look in the convent's public
Bathroom mirror?

How would the clouds on the ceiling of
Mamman's old ballroom look with
Aught but a sliver of the
Fetal tumor remnant on my hippocampus?
Will I ever see the ballroom again?

How will Mamman's apartment look post-tumor?
How will Baba look?
Will I perceive Mamman's frowny face any differently?
And what about her smile?

With so little residue of tumor, how will
Baby Darya's face have changed?
Will she be just as pretty, or more, or less so?
How much of the change is attributable to time
Marking the face of all things
In such a young and cogent baby
And how much is tumor-determinable?

With only a trace remaining of
Six millimeters of tumor now gone
3 months, how will my Audi look?
How will it feel?
Will it be just as sleek and sporty as before
Or will it be a tamer Audi now?
Will it still smell like marijuana
Or do such smells evacuate when there is
No longer a tumor perched to feed them?

With only a hippocampal vestige to be found of
My white, flaky childhood tumor, how will my
Face look in my Bel Air bathroom?

How would it look cast back from the Pacific Ocean
On Escondido beach?

With so little left of tumor, how would
The Big Dipper look in the Malibu sky?
Will it have changed, will the stars be any
More or less incandescent?
How would the Little Dipper look?

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