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The Law Cafe stopped taking IOU's today, but they told me that I am the only student still allowed to get them, because I always pay in the afternoon, and I am "muy guapo"

Today, I wanted to tell y'all a little story about a man who I hardly know...I don't know if you've noticed, but - even though I am not a homosexual - a lot of my blog is devoted to men who I admire, and who I try to model myself after. Let's call this genre of posts - for lack of a better term - the "male models"

On swim team, in high school, I had a homegirl named Morin. She's Israeli, and I always kind of wanted to hit that. Anyways, Morin's dad would always come to swim meets. He was a Moroccan Israeli, and a baller through and through. He had this long ponytail and a porno star moustache...the first time I saw him, I was afraid he was there to plant a bomb! I only found out later that he's on *our* side.

Anyways, Morin's dad - Avi - was a mega-baller. Still is...he does real estate development, and owns Sassi restaurant in Encino, which is one of my family's favorites. (When you walk in, there's a big picture of Avi posing with Joe Lieberman...soooo Avi!)

On Thursday nights, you can find Avi at Tempo - Encino's Israeli hotspot - making it rain on stage, with the live Israeli music, with crisp dollar bills that he got at Bank of America in the morning, expressly for that purpose. He's been doing this for as far as I can tell Lil' Wayne ripped him off. How baller?!

If you haven't figured it out yet, Avi drives an SL600. Black - bien sur mengs - and rollin on twinkies. The license plate? Avi♥Avi.

Avi's wife (obviously smokin hot) is named Eti; also three letters. Avi could have been a nice guy and gotten it Avi♥Eti. He could have even been an asshole, and gotten Eti♥Avi. But noooo! He cut Eti out of the picture altogether.

Avi's like heaven, everybody tryin to get to him. My Persian friends and I aspire to be so baller...but I wouldn't hold your breath. Well, at least we can copy his license plate idea. Ben Mabati is committed to getting Ben♥Ben as soon as he gets married. Me? Best I can do is Mah♥bod.

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