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[November 30, 2013:]
Teriyaki Joe: Neo-Harlem Detective Chapter 2: Coffee

"You're Not Real Joe" God Damn hackers! They got into my MindPhone somehow.

They keep leaving these messages. Nobody is coming to get this junky. All his body parts are expired probably why he was getting doped up.

Two years ago he'd of been stripped clean before he hit the ground. But now designers parts are so easy to come by he's good as gum wrappers

Don't know why they shot him though. Cops these days. You never know. Disposal might come in a couple weeks. Might not.

Valentines Day. Hookers working overtime. Flower shop empty. Whole city in love with something or atleast pretending to be.

I step into the diner and work my way through the crowd waiting on tables to steal a seat at the counter. It's always a seat there.

5 coffees, 3 grits, 6 eggs, 2 toasts, 9 sausage. She hands over the glasses. I inform her these are dirty. She doesn't care.

I wipe them on my jacket and put them on. 5 blinks equal 25 Units. She slides me the black tray with the pills and sneers out "Bon Apetite"

Units are stored in the eyes. Blinking releases Units into receiving glasses or goggles or contacts and your purchase is complete.

They updated the toast. Coffee is still terrible. I spot Tall Creole at the end of the counter popping back Gin pills raw. A reality freak.

I look back down with my eyes half over the top of the glasses & see the black tray in the glasses I see a plate overflowing with breakfast.

I like to stay one foot in & one foot out I guess. I can take being lied to. Being a liar comes easy too. Here its an expectation of sorts.

The human body still isn't used to digesting pill food properly. Updating is a constant to combat the side effects. Shakes, vomiting etc.

Better than real food though. That shit will kill you. So many additives and molecular advertising in it it's damn near plastic.

Tall Creole shakes violently, damn near falls off stool. She's almost ready 4 the night to take her. I hope she makes it out the other side.

I grab the Shake Handles connected to the stool and prepare for my turn. It comes. I wink a tip. Take off the glasses & head into the nite.

---1 Million Units Respond For Details--- glows in the left hand corner of my mind. I've been thinking about it this whole time.

Sounds like a set up to be honest. 1 Millions Units is the apple but who is the devil on the other side. I guess that makes me Adam. No Eve!

"Playback Tall Creole" half my mind rewinds back to my thick-legged tail as she followed me into the diner recording me as I recorded her.

Now we have our Eve, Adam & The Apple. Now we just need The Devil. Sometimes the best place to find the devil is in the mirror. Lets see.

---This is Teriyaki Joe...What Are The Details??---

*...END OF CHAPTER 2...*

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