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Shake your money maker
Like somebody's bout to pay ya
I see you on my radar
Don't you act like you're afraid of shit

You know I got it
If you wanna come get it
Stand next to this money
Like - ey ey ey

Shake your money maker
Like somebody's bout to pay ya
Don't worry about them haters
Keep your nose up in the air

You know I got it
If you wanna come get it
Stand next to this money
Like - ey ey ey

[Verse 1]
Shake, shake, shake your money maker
Like you were shaking it for some paper

It took your momma 9 months to make ya
Might as well shake what your momma gave ya

You, you lookin' good in them jeans
I bet you'd look even better with me in between

I keep my mind on my money - money on my mind
But you's a hell of a distraction when you shake your behind
I got J.O. up on my right side pourin' some cups
My whole hood is to my left and they ain't givin a fuck
So feel free to get loose and get carried away
So by tomorrow you forgot what you were saying today
But don't forget about this feeling that I am making you get
And all the calories you burn from me making you sweat
The mile-high points you earn when we taking my jet and
How everywhere you turn I'll be making you wet


[Verse 2]
Switch, switch, switch it from right to left
And switch it till you running right out of breath

And take a break until you ready again
And you can invite over as many friends as
You want to but I really want you

Just be thankful that Pharrell gave you something to bump to
Luda - I'm at the top of my game
You want my hands from your bottom to the top of your frame
And I - just wanna take a little ride on your curves
And get erotic giving your body just what it deserves and
Let me give you some swimming lessons on the penis
Backstroke, breaststroke, stroke of a genius

Yepp call me the renaissance man get up and
I stay harder then a cinderblock man

Hey I'm just a bedroom gangster
And I've been meaning to tell that I really must thank ya when you


[Verse 3]
Rock rock, rock it an make it work, girl
Please don't stop it until it hurts, girl

You - you been looking a little tipsy
So if you could just shake it a little this way
See I'm a member of the BBC
The original breadwinner of DTP
You the center of attention that is distracting the squad
Cause everybody in the campus like - OH MY GOD she can


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