Lewis Carroll – Punctuality


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Man Naturally loves delay
And to procrastinate
Business put off from day to day
Is always done too late

Let every hour be in its place
Firm fixed, nor loosely shift
And well enjoy the vacant space
As though a birthday gift

And when the hour arrives, be there
Where'er that "there" may be
Uncleanly hands or ruffled hair
Let no one ever see

If dinner at "half-past" be placed
At "half-past" then be dressed
If at a "quarter-past" make haste
To be down with the rest

Better to be before your time
Than e're to be behind
To open the door while strikes the chime
That shows a punctual mind


Let punctuality and care
Seize every flitting hour
So shalt thou cull a floweret fair
E'en from a fading flower

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