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typical interviewer: "mr. skorg, have you ever held a dergree?"
skorg: "no"
typical interviewer: "mr. skorg, have you ever been convicted of a felony?"
skorg: "um, yeah, well…"

Chorus/ Hook:

I've been a dealer with 2 felonies/
and ain't got no college degree/
all i know is how rip this beat/
so Ware Do I Apply at?


We all know how the Crowd Goes,
when ya flow is Applicable and Wild is their Outco-

to the M-E, but do you hear Me?
I said the Crowd Goes Wild when they hear me.
Hear ye, hear ye, come one, come to thee assembly
on my #LinesOfWork
& Oppor-T-U-N-E's,
I'm talking U-N-I-T...T-Y!
that's ty (tie) the knot, we got blessings from Ilan-Mi-Na-
, some wanna speak now yet they hold their peace,
what can they say when i'm CERTIFIED with these cleats
on virtual turfs where I Manifest
every step
into a Lìƒҽ Cհąղցìղց TEXT℠.
I've been a dealer with Wits,
I can sell a cruise trip at a dealership,
yep, and as long as there's a demand I will supply
any Correspondent with a LINE TO APPLY!!!


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