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Learn The Basics

Getting Started
1. What is Genius?
2. Genius Education
3. How to Read Annotations
4. Sign Up for an Account
5. Genius Educator Accounts

Genius Educator Accounts
1. Creating Class Pages
2. Privacy vs. Openness
3. Verified Annotations

Student Teacher Interaction
1. Leave a Suggestion
2. Sending Feedback
3. Accepting (or Rejecting) Annotations
4. Sending Private Messages
5. Upvoting Annotations
6. Point System
7. Profiles as Portfolios
8. Reading Annotations in a Text or Profile

Prepare for Class

Explore Our Resources
1. A Resource Guide for Genius Educators
2. A Student's Guide to Genius
3. Examples of Student Work
4. Classroom Projects Page
5. Poetry Genius Guidelines
6. Sample Assignments
7. Educators Forum
8. Education Genius — we're here for you!

Finding, Adding, and Organizing Texts
1. Search for Texts
2. Common Core Texts
3. When Should You Add a Text?
4. How To Add a Text
5. Note on Copyright

Course Materials
1. Creating Class Rosters
2. Adding Course Documents
3. Assignment Prompts

Planning and Pacing
1. What You Want From Students
2. What Students Need From You
3. How Much Time Do You Need
4. What It Will Take To Get There

Create Annotations

1. How To Create an Annotation
2. Italics
2. Bold
3. Italics and Bold
4. Block Quotes
5. Headers

1. Links
2. Pictures
3. Videos
4. Gifs

Delve Even Deeper

Digital Writing
1. Digital Literacy
2. Use of Formatting
3. Use of Images
3. Different Assessment

Your Profile
1. Add a Picture
2. Add a Bio
3. Link to Social Media

Edit Descriptions
1. For a Text
2. For an Album (or Book)
3. For an Author

Special Projects
1. Soundcloud
2. YouTube
3. Examples
4. Design Your Own
5. Move Beyond the Classroom

Contact Us
1. Education Genius — we're here for you!
2. Share Student Work

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  • A description of the work's overall style and tone
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