Devon Culbert – Cold Water (Poem)


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Cold water
Wash over me
Take away the sins of today and tomorrow
Take away everything that haunts me in life
Take away all the pain I've had to go through

Cold water
Wash over me
Let me realize love
Let me realize why I'm here
Let me realize my potential, At All Potential

Cold Water
Wash over me
Drown me in a warm embrace
Drown me in my sorrows until I lose them
Drown me in it all until I've become a new man

Cold Water
Wash over them all
Make them all understand our geniuses

Make them all see we are visionaries, artists, God's Children
Make them all hear the words I speak and let them linger to connect
And if I never see that day, then I want to know I was apart of the movement

Inspired by Gambino, Kanye, ------, and AAP.


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