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[Metro Scene Excerpt]

Woody: I'm really tired, I'm going home

Vincent: We ain't got no home man......
Your grandmother can't take care of you......I'm all you got.

Woody: well if you're all I got, then why you hit me...and put me thru all this today?

Vincent: Cause I ain't got nobody either...people I thought I trusted...I can't trust...I don't know what they were doing I'm just telling you I don't know.

Woody: and why did you say that about my mother

Vincent: I love your mother...I love you too man...Wood I love you Bruh...Im gonna take care of you...I just need this money...I need it...I need this money...(softly) I need it. I promise I'll take you to North Carolina...

Woody: Tonight...

Vincent: Tonight.

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