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The word “genesis” signifies “generation” or “origin” and comes from the Greek translation of Genesis 2:4.

It is an appropriate title for the first book of the Bible, which contains the record of the origin of the universe, the human race, family life, nations, sin redemption, etc.

The first 11 chapters, which deal with primeval or pre-Patriarchal times, present the antecedents of Hebrew history from Adam to Abraham. The remaining chapters (12 — 50) are concerned with God’s dealings with the Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and Jacob’s son Joseph, all “fathers” of the people whom God has chosen to carry out His plan for the redemption of mankind. The book closes with these “Chosen People” in Egypt.

The Hebrew common name of the book is “Sefer B'reishit” (ספר בראשית), “Book of ‘In the Beginning’” after the first important word in the text. This is the most common way that Jewish books or chapters are named.

However, each book of the Torah had a rabbinic nickname which describes it in some way, and these correspond to the Greek names that we are familiar with.

The rabbinic nickname for Genesis is “Sefer Yetsira”, “The Book of Formation/Creation” (ספר יצירה).

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